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Gessner Sidebuster Gessner Sidebuster


Dominate the landscape with the durability of heavy wall tool-bars and a rigid bolt-together frame. 

Gessner's Centre Buster and Side Buster have the adaptability to tackle a broad range of tasks with shanks which are easily configured.

Product Features:

  • 178mm x 178mm x 9.5mm toolbars and bridge.
  • Heavy-duty wrap around clamped spreader bars.
  • Fixed and adjustable shank options.
  • CAT 3 and 4 quick hitch.
  • Depth wheel assemblies vary depending on machine size: 7.50 x 16 Medium-Duty depth wheels on 4 and 6 row machines; and 11.00 x 16 Heavy-Duty depth wheels on 8 and 12 row machines.

Optional Accessories:

  • Fertiliser application capability including mild steel fertiliser bins, ground drive fertilizer drive system and shank-mounted fertiliser tubes.
  • Hydraulic frame folding kit.
  • Heavy-duty stabiliser disc assembly.

Optional Tooling Attachments:

  • Both fixed and adjustable shank options have the capacity to be fitted with a range of optional attachments:
  • Cold-flow and Anhydrous applicator tubes.
  • Gas Deltas
  • Mulch Blades
  • Furrowers
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