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Gessner Patriot
Gessner Patriot Ad

The brand new innovative Gessner Patriot planter is designed to accommodate narrower row-spacing from 250mm, 300mm or 333mm to broad 375mm, 400mm or 500mm.

Using heavy plate steel and RHS, the strength of the Gessner Patriot is unrivalled, ensuring maximum yield potential for decades.

The 12m Patriot is engineered to be delivered in one standard sized load and can be assembled by just two people and a telehandler in as little as three hours.

Ranging in sizes from 12m, 18m, 24m, 36m or any bespoke width, the Gessner Patriot is a universal, hard-wearing parallelogram planting solution for Australian grain producers.

This unique planter is designed with versatility at its core, accommodating all growing conditions across Australia’s diverse grain-producing regions.

Floating hitch frames are available in a range of configurations including:

  • 12m 3 Section Single Fold.
  • 18m 5 Section Single Fold.
  • 18m 5 Section Double Fold.
  • 24m 5 Section Single Fold.
  • 24m 5 Section Double Fold.
  • 36m 7 Section (with Optional End-tow).

Each frame features three 100mm x 100mm x 9mm toolbars which are designed to accommodate row-spacing of 250mm, 300mm, 333mm, 375mm, 400mm or 500mm.

The Patriot frame is supported by large floatation tyres mounted on castor frames at the front, and fixed mounts at the rear.


Patriot Planter Brochure
Patriot Planter Brochure

The Patriot Parallelogram Unit is purpose-built to perform in Australia’s tough growing conditions.

Standard features include:

  • Hydraulic break-out ranging from 300lb to 700lb.
  • An underframe working height of 900mm.
  • Heavy-duty fabricated parallelogram with a 500mm range of travel; 200mm down, 300mm up (from working height).
  • Semi-pneumatic v-shaped press wheels with packing pressure up to 200lb.
  • Versatile precision shank with single, dual, paired-row and liquid injection outlet options.
  • Standard seeding depth range of 150mm, adjustable in 6mm increments.
  • Heavy-duty dual acting cylinder featuring hard-chrome shafts.
  • Hard chrome pins and oil infused bushes in all pivot points.
  • 300mm transport clearance.
  • Grade 8 high tensile fasteners.
  • Unit weight: 80kg
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