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Junior Billet Planter

Gessner Single Row Billet Planter Gessner Single Row Billet Planter

Gessner Junior Billet Planter

Single Row Billet Planter
Single Row Billet Planter Brochure

The Gessner Sugar Cane Billet Planter is the culmination of meticulous research and development and state-of-the-art engineering, designed to provide its operator with an efficient, effective and durable billet planting solution. Provide your new crop with the best chance to thrive with a Gessner Billet Planter.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty 100x100x9m main frame.
  • Fixed front wheels with manual depth control.
  • 750kg billet hopper capacity and 165kg fertiliser bin capacity.
  • Cat 2 or Cat 2-3N three point linkage
  • 25mm wide robust chain drive conveyor with steel flights. Ground driven conveyor.
  • Plough board assemblies come complete with adjustable 14” covering discs and a heavy duty press wheel.
  • Delivered in containers full assembled.
General Assembly 9901-200
Description Single Row Billet Planter
Overall Weight (empty) 1,260kg
Overall Width (with Fertilizer Biz) 2536mm
Overall Width (without Fertilizer Biz) 2287mm
Overall Length 2750mm
Overall Height 2378mm
Billet Hopper Capacity 750KG
Fertilizer Bin Capacity (Urea) 165KG
Elevator CA550 (2”) Pitch Conveyor Chain Drive
Main Framez 100 x 100 x 9 RHS
Plough Assembly 250mm (10”) Standard
Covering Discs Adjustable 14” Diameter
Press Wheel Spring Loaded - 18 X 8.50-8 (Max Pressure - 22 Psi)
Three Point Linkage Cat 2 Or Cat 2-3n
Drive Chains ASA60 3/4” Pitch
Wheel Hubs and Axles Manufactured By Gessner - 6 Stud
Depth/Drive Wheels Adjustable - 7.50 X 16 X 10 Ply
Average Planting Rate 6 Tonnes / Hectare - 300mm To 350mm Billets
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