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Gessner HDR
Broadacre Equipment Brochure

The New Gessner Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR) is our latest offering for the deep tillage market.

For those farmers wanting the convenience of hydraulic controlled shanks, this ripper has the flexibility of ripping beyond the standard 300-500mm depth most farmers are wanting.

Product Features:

  • 200 x 200 x 12mm RHS Main Beam. All 9, 11 and 13 shank machines have a trailing frame. 

  • Heavy dual tool bar spaced at 2100mm for extra stability.

  • Wheels are 500/60 x 22.5 8 stud configuration.

  • Shanks are manufactured from the highest quality 32mm wide High Tensile Steel with a maximum working depth of 700mm.

  • HDR shanks are a parabolic design allowing for the most efficient depth to tractor horsepower ratio.

  • Shanks have 1075mm Under Frame Clearance. All shanks are designed to changeout points and shinguards quickly and efficiently.

  • 6500LB Hydraulic Release Shank Assemblies

  • Hydraulic Controlled 600mm Diameter Crumble Roller (Optional)

  • Engineered designed and tested and fabricated to the highest quality with Australian-made mild steel and Japanese high tensile steel.


Big Buck Brochure
Sugar Cane Equipment Brochure

Featuring a high strength design, Gessner's Big Buck heavy wall RHS bolt together frame ensures enhanced performance and unrivalled longevity in the field.

The versatility of the competitively priced Big Buck enables you to take on a range of different tasks with easily configurable shanks.

Product Features:

  • 178 x 178 x 9.5mm SHS toolbars.
  • Bolted CAT 2-3 and CAT 3 three point linkage hitches or trailing rigid hitch.
  • 1000mm spreader bars on linkage frames, 1400mm spreader bars on trailing frames.
  • 194 x 14 wheels on 7 & 9 shank machines, 7.50 x 16 wheels on 11, 13 and 15 shank machines. 
  • F77, A77 and HR tyne assemblies are available in 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 shank configurations as standard. Custom machine sizes and tyne configurations are available to suit customer requirements.
  • High quality accumulator and industry standard hydraulic fittings feature on models fitted with HR tynes.

Optional Attachments

  • Shank mounted swivel coulters.
  • Heavy-duty angle iron crumble roller assemblies to suit various machine sizes.

We chose Gessner because we knew that we were investing in a solid implement. Take one look at the size and weight of that toolbar and you know it's going to last. One thing that we were surprised by was the price. I'm certain that we couldn't have found a higher quality piece of equipment at a comparable price - Brian Burns, Lakeside Farms.



Gessner Patriot
Gessner Patriot Ad

The brand new innovative Gessner Patriot planter is designed to accommodate narrower row-spacing from 250mm, 300mm or 333mm to broad 375mm, 400mm or 500mm.

Using heavy plate steel and RHS, the strength of the Gessner Patriot is unrivalled, ensuring maximum yield potential for decades.

The 12m Patriot is engineered to be delivered in one standard sized load and can be assembled by just two people and a telehandler in as little as three hours.

Ranging in sizes from 12m, 18m, 24m, 36m or any bespoke width, the Gessner Patriot is a universal, hard-wearing parallelogram planting solution for Australian grain producers.

This unique planter is designed with versatility at its core, accommodating all growing conditions across Australia’s diverse grain-producing regions.

Floating hitch frames are available in a range of configurations including:

  • 12m 3 Section Single Fold.
  • 18m 5 Section Single Fold.
  • 18m 5 Section Double Fold.
  • 24m 5 Section Single Fold.
  • 24m 5 Section Double Fold.
  • 36m 7 Section (with Optional End-tow).

Each frame features three 100mm x 100mm x 9mm toolbars which are designed to accommodate row-spacing of 250mm, 300mm, 333mm, 375mm, 400mm or 500mm.

The Patriot frame is supported by large floatation tyres mounted on castor frames at the front, and fixed mounts at the rear.


Patriot Planter Brochure
Patriot Planter Brochure

The Patriot Parallelogram Unit is purpose-built to perform in Australia’s tough growing conditions.

Standard features include:

  • Hydraulic break-out ranging from 300lb to 700lb.
  • An underframe working height of 900mm.
  • Heavy-duty fabricated parallelogram with a 500mm range of travel; 200mm down, 300mm up (from working height).
  • Semi-pneumatic v-shaped press wheels with packing pressure up to 200lb.
  • Versatile precision shank with single, dual, paired-row and liquid injection outlet options.
  • Standard seeding depth range of 150mm, adjustable in 6mm increments.
  • Heavy-duty dual acting cylinder featuring hard-chrome shafts.
  • Hard chrome pins and oil infused bushes in all pivot points.
  • 300mm transport clearance.
  • Grade 8 high tensile fasteners.
  • Unit weight: 80kg


Chisel Plough Brochure
Chisel Plough Brochure

Gessner offers both HR1200 Hydraulic Release Tyne and Rigid Tyne Chisel Ploughs, ensuring that all of your broadacre ground preparation requirements are catered for. The combination of heavy-duty frame and quality, field-proven units provides unmatched durability and longevity in tough tillage conditions.

Product Features:

HR1200 Chisel Plough

  • HR1200 frames range from 10ft (3.0m) to 54ft (16.4m).
  • The specially designed multi-section frame is available in a single-fold configuration or as a rigid, trailing frame depending on machine width and application requirements.
  • Specially designed heavy duty hydraulic release tynes featuring high-quality jump cylinders.
  • Hydraulic phasing depth wheels varying in size depending on frame configuration:
    • 15R x 22.5 Super Singles on 4.8m Centre Sections;
    • 49 x 17 x 30 Aero Tyres on 6.1m Centre Sections;
    • All wings feature 10.00 x 20 Truck Tyres.
  • Safety chains feature on 42ft frame configurations and above.

Rigid Tyne Chisel Plough

  • Rigid tyne frames range from 10ft (3.0m) to 42ft (12.8m)
  • The specially designed multi-section frame is available in a single-fold hydraulic configuration for machines 22ft and above. Alternatively rigid, trailing frame configurations are available from 10ft to 28ft depending on application requirements.
  • Various wheel configurations are available depending on frame width:
    • 7.50 x 16 Compactor Tyres on 10ft – 12ft machines;
    • 10.00 x 16 x 8 Ply Stabiliser Tyres on 16ft machines;
    • 15R x 22.5 Super Single Tyres on 20ft – 28ft machines;
    • All wings feature 10.00 x 20 Truck Tyres.
  • Safety Chains for 34ft frame configurations and above.

Optional Extras for Shank Configuration:

  • 250mm Penetration Sweeps
  • 406mm Penetration Sweeps
  • 75mm x 20mm Reversible Chisel Points
  • 3-1/2” x 5/8” Plough Bolt & Nut
  • 2-1/2” x 5/8” Plough Bolt & Nut

The combination of heavy-duty frame and quality, field-proven units provides unmatched durability and longevity in tough tillage conditions. 


Parallelogram Twin Disc Brochure
Parallelogram Twin Disc Brochure

The Gessner Parallelogram Twin Disc Planter is designed to provide a highly durable and versatile solution for broadacre planting, seeding and fertiliser applications. Parallelogram twin disc units are available for individual purchase for fitting to your existing planter bar or may be purchased as complete machine with frame widths ranging from 8m – 24m. The unique design of Gessner parallelogram twin disc units ensures that effective fertiliser and seed placement is maintained, regardless of planting conditions. By offering configurations suited to your individual requirements, the Gessner parallelogram twin disc is sure to provide an effective solution to suit all Broadacre seeding, planting and fertilising applications.

Product Features:


  • Rigid and floating hitch Frames available in 8, 12, 18 and 24m
  • Three point linkage and lift assist frames are available.
  • Single and double hydraulic frame folding options.
  • 15.5/80 x 24 Gripster pattern wheels feature on centre section and wings.

Parallelogram Twin Disc Units

  • Units can be purchased individually to suit your existing bar or they may be fitted to a purpose built Gessner frame.
  • Unit mounting options are available in 178mm x 178mm or 100 x 100mm configurations.
  • 457mm double coulters combine to provide guaranteed placement of seed and fertiliser.
  • Unique combination sealing arrangement features in coulters and press wheels ensuring extra long bearing life.
  • Press wheels feature heavy duty stubs and provide easily adjustable depth control.
  • Press wheels are available in soft, medium or hard rubber depending on application specifications.
  • Spring pressures are easily adjusted through incremental pin adjustments.

Designed to provide a highly durable and versatile solution for broadacre planting, seeding and fertiliser applications.


Single Disc GSD 500 Brochure
Single Disc GSD 500 Brochure

The Gessner GSD500 is designed to provide a versatile, durable and effective solution for various planting applications. GSD units can be provided on purpose-built frames available in a range of configurations including three pointlinkage, trailing, folding, single bar and two bar, ensuring that your planting requirements are catered for. Alternatively, GSD units may be purchased individually and fitted to your current planting frame. 

Standard GSD500 Product Features:

  • GSD Units are available to suit 100mm x 100mm and 178mm x 178mm bars. 
  • 500mm coulters which provide excellent trash management.
  • Coulter hubs feature fully sealed bearing system protected by dual triple lip marine grade seals.
  • Units feature 30mm x 120mm high tensile alloy mainframe side arms.
  • Semi-Pneumatic press wheels feature double wall thickness for added durability.
  • Unit depth settings can be incrementally adjusted via the adjuster hand grip.
  • Spring pressure ranges from 120kg to 280kg, easily adjusted through four pin settings.
  • Spring carrier unit adjustment allows units to be lifted to the park position, providing alternate row spacing capability.
  • Mud scrapers ensure continuous ground engaging capability.
  • Pivot points feature oil infused outer bushes and hardened chrome pins.
  • Units weigh 130kgs, providing the capability to perform in zero-till conditions.

GSD units may be purchased individually and fitted to your current planting frame.


Scarimaster Brochure
Scarimaster Brochure
When it comes to broadacre cultivation, the Gessner Scarimaster has all your bases covered. With multiple frame width and configuration options, the Scarimaster can be adapted to various environments and applications. 
The Scarimaster frame construction consists of a 5-bar design manufactured from heavy duty 100 x 100 x 9mm RHS. Standard frame widths include 12m, 18m and 24m and standard tyne spacing’s start from 200mm. Each of these elements of machine design can be customised depending on application specifications.
The Scarimaster features hydraulic single fold and double fold options depending on machine width and customer preference. This feature exists to provide ease of transportation between working areas. 
Various linkage options are available including three-point-linkage for smaller machines, and rigid and floating trailing hitches for larger machines. Gessner hitches are designed to provide durability, reliability and ease of use. 
The robust frame design of the Gessner Scarimaster combined with premium Gessner attachments makes this machine the ultimate broadacre cultivation and planting solution. 

Product Features:

Various tyne configurations are available including: 
  • 650lb or 500lb spring release, straight spring steel tyne fitted with a 50° cultivator shank.
  • 650lb or 500lb spring release, straight spring steel tyne fitted with spear point and seeding tube.
  • 650lb or 500lb spring release, curved spring steel tyne fitted with spear point and seeding tube.
  • Hydraulic recoil jump cylinders fitted with the aforementioned ground engaging tools.

Other key features include:

  • All pivot points feature hard chrome pins and oil infused bushes.
  • Tyne assemblies feature adjustable under-frame clearance, ranging from 760mm to 900mm with direct drill tynes, and 690mm to 840mm for cultivator shanks.
  • Large 15.50/80 x 24 Gripster pattern wheel equipment on centre section and wings provide the Scarimaster with superior floatation.
  • Floating hitch models include 360° swivelling castor wheels which feature wide parallelogram anchor points.
  • Wheels feature positive turnbuckle mechanical depth control with phasing cylinders. 
  • Road clearance is 400mm at maximum depending on ground engaging tool selection and underframe clearance configuration.
  • All rigid hitch models are level lift providing easy set-up capability. 

Optional Attachments

  • In-frame press wheel assemblies.
  • Spring release coulter assemblies.

Gessner Landmaster

Gessner Landmaster
Gessner Landmaster Brochure

Deliver an improved strike with the Gessner Landmaster.

One of the most versatile, customisable broad acre planters on the market.

From Gessner Landmaster’s standard 12m, 18m or 24m configurations, to bespoke widths of up to 36m, you can optimise the amount of land you cover in every pass.

The Landmaster features a range of unit spacings including 333mm, 375mm and 500mm as standard. Custom spacings may be incorporated.

Resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.

Hydraulic single fold and double fold options provide maximum transportability.

Choose from various linkage options, including three point linkage for smaller machines, and floating trailing hitches for all models.

Product Features

  • Parallelogram units feature robust 50 x 25mm spring steel tynes with a working depth range of 25 – 200mm. 
  • Tynes are easily adjusted in 12mm increments.
  • Manutec press wheel assemblies are available in a range of profiles and diameters. Fixed or swivel mounting options for press wheels are available.
  • True parallelogram action is provided with ground following capabilities via 14” rubber banded depth wheels fitted to 20” coulter.
  • 15.5/80 x 24 Gripster wheel assemblies feature in various configurations depending on machine size.
  • All pivot points are fitted with chrome pins and oil impregnated bushes.
  • Heavy duty jump cylinders with high quality hard chrome shafts provide units with strength and durability.
  • Parallelogram down pressure can be easily adjusted by moving the ergonomic hand grip through incremental pin points. Down pressure increments range from 20kg – 250kg.
  • High quality accumulators of various sizes suit multiple unit combinations. 
  • Industry standard hydraulic hoses and fittings ensure effective hydraulic functionality and product longevity.

Optional Attachments

  • Twin-disc opener assembly.
  • Press-wheel mud scraper.
  • D-Cup diffuser assembly including mounts and diffuser.
  • Air seeder tow hitch to suit most applications.